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This website is maintained by the William Nicholson Trust.

The William Nicholson Trust was established by Deed on 13 November 1990. Its objects are: 'To advance the education of the public by the promotion of the fine arts and in particular the works of Sir William Nicholson'. It is registered on the Register of Charities as registered charity number 1012010.

You can check a charity's current registration status by visiting the Register of Charities at

The Roseate Cockatoo, 1917
The Lustre Jug, 1910
The Black Pansy, 1910
The Canticelli Vase, 1909
The Lowestoft Bowl, 1911
White Tulips, 1912
Pink Roses in a Silver Lustre Vase
Urn and Flowers on a Table, 1914
White Freesias, 1917
Miss Simpson's Boots, 1919
Vase and Books on a Red Table, 1919
The Glass Bowl, 1920
The Nailsea Jug, 1920
Rose Lustre, 1920
Mixed Flowers in a Mug, 1929
Sun Fish, 1935
The Gold Mug, 1937
Silver, 1938
Mushrooms, 1940
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