Selected still-lifes by William Nicholson

The Canticelli Vase, 1909
The Lustre Jug, 1910
The Black Pansy, 1910
The Lowestoft Bowl, 1911
White Tulips, 1912
Pink Roses in a Silver Lustre Vase
Urn and Flowers on a Table, 1914
The Roseate Cockatoo, 1917
White Freesias, 1917
Miss Simpson's Boots, 1919
Vase and Books on a Red Table, 1919
The Glass Bowl, 1920
The Nailsea Jug, 1920
Rose Lustre, 1920
Mixed Flowers in a Mug, 1929
Sun Fish, 1935
The Gold Mug, 1937
Silver, 1938
Mushrooms, 1940
Pink Roses in a Silver Lustre Vase

William Nicholson (1872-1949)